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Volunteer openings for NHLA Tech Conference

  We have a great opportunity for some of our members to join us at the NHLA Tech Conference on November 29 at Black Fire Innovation. We have small increments of time throughout the day for volunteers to sign up for various areas that fit within their schedules. What a great chance to be part of an exciting, high-tech event! Sign up now.

Hooray for NHLA!

  NHLA is pleased to announce that we have 31 new members this year so far. We are so excited to have our new members join the association. Along with our fantastic existing members, they each bring knowledge, expertise, products, lodging and a wealth of opportunities to the industry. Be sure to check out our hotel and vendor guides to see who is a member and how you can work together.

Excel classes a huge success

  Thank you to Nicole Marshall for presenting our ongoing virtual Excel classes. She does a terrific job simplifying a complex program; we have received a great deal of positive feedback on these events. The Excel classes have been added to our regular program of educational events for 2024 consisting of beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. All NHLA members are invited to attend at no charge.

NHLA Career Central

  If you have not checked out Career Central, we recommend you do. We have several resources for employers, employees and job-seekers. Any NHLA member is welcome to submit topics, job openings and suggestions to us as we work on expanding this resource for our members.

NHLA Master Key blog

  We post regularly in our Master Key blog and invite our members to submit relevant blog posts. This communication channel is read by many so it is a good opportunity to introduce your company and/or team if you are a member of NHLA. Submit posts here for consideration.

NHLA Group Health Plans

  NHLA is partnered with Prominence Health Plans who in turn offers a full range of group health insurance plans for businesses. Check out the robust plans available and see if one works for your company.

Small property resources for NHLA members

  Small properties often have limited staffing and resources. NHLA provides a range of resources that can be helpful for managers at smaller NHLA properties. Take a look.

Deals and Discounts

  Would you like to make a special member-to-member offer? Check out our Deals and Discounts program. If your company would like to submit an offer, contact us. The offer will be placed on the Deals and Discounts page and posted in social channels.

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